The right hand side showcases normal text, large text, and UI components, all of which need to have proper contrast when functioning in a digital space. We will cover how our brand colors apply to these typographic instances in the following pages.


Accessibility 1


Color Tracker

To ensure the legibility of copy and key digital graphics, we must ensure that all important copy meets AA standards. In some instances, AAA standards must be met as well. The chart, shown right, shows us what colors we can use in typography and when.

Preferred copy size on digital applications is 16 pt Dazzed Regular. The minimum text size for digital is 12 pt Dazzed Regular.

Accessibility 2a 

Accessibility 2


Digital Solutions

When making accessible digital content, make sure that there are alternative view modes in place to ensure content can be read by all viewers.

Digital Accessibility Checklist:

  • Make sure copy has the option to scale up in size properly.
  • Use alternative background contrast modes (black on white, or white on black) to ensure that all copy can be read.
  • If there’s an audio component, make sure that all major copy can played through an audio track.
  • Include alternative image descriptions.
  • Include optional link and header highlighting.
  • Include keyboard and voice command navigation options.
  • Include high and low saturation view options.


Accessibility 3


Print Solutions

When making accessible print documents, certain measures need to be taken to ensure content can be processed by all readers. Please refer to the below list when creating accessible print creative:

Print Accessibility Checklist:

  • Save documents as single pages, not as spreads.
  • Include alternative text for all photography and meaningful graphics/charts.
  • Remove ligatures.
  • Tag and tab set all major content.
  • Add document title and language settings
  • Set a proper reading order
  • Bookmark documents longer than 20+ pages.
  • Do not run important information through the gutter (e.g. tables, text, charts)

Accessibility 4

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