Our photography is warm and heroic. It showcases our people and our employees as they are; strong, compassionate and caring.

We have two different photography styles to help communicate our message. We use stylized studio portraiture to highlight individuals, and warm lifestyle photography to heroize actions.


Photography 1


Lifestyle Photography

To capture the accessible nature of our brand, we use a strong photojournalistic image style. We aim to capture the moments that tell bright stories in an interesting and engaging way. Photos should look natural and candid, as if it they were taken in a moment’s time without the subject’s awareness of the photographer. These principles apply to all imagery – from stock to photo shoot libraries, to day-in-the-life images that heroize the subject.

Our lifestyle imagery should:

  • Be shot in natural, available light, avoiding direct sunshine or bright synthetic light
  • Appear natural and un-posed
  • Contain colors that are warm and composed, without feeling curated.
  • Capture range: both close-ups, portraits, details and pulled back environments
  • Be reflective of the diverse base we serve

Photography 2


Studio Photography

The studio portraiture style emphasizes people. We capture their persona by highlighting their natural facial expressions as the predominant element.

Our studio imagery should:

  • Be shot in a professional studio lighting with simple white or light neutral backdrops
  • Avoid distracting elements or staged props
  • Look honest and realistic


Photography 3


Employee-shot Photography

In some instances, such as photographing an event for social media, a professional photographer may not be available. Although we do recommend using stock or professional photographs for advertising and external messaging, please follow the below rules when shooting photo.


Ensure that lighting is relatively neutral or warm, and that footage isn’t too dark, contrasted, or overexposed.

Depth of Field

When shot in front of a busier background, use depth of field to focus on the individual. Doing this keeps the speaker from getting lost.


Ensure that camera is horizontal, and is not too close or too far from subject. If possible, set your phone up so that you don’t need to hold it. Make sure that your backdrop is on-brand, neutral, and minimal.


Photography 4


Photography Misuse

  1. Do not use overly graphic treatments.
  2. For studio photography, do not use brightly colored backgrounds.
  3. Do not use intricate or elaborate sets.
  4. Do not use darkly lit or intense portraiture.
  5. Do not use overly staged or dramatized lifestyle photography.
  6. Do not use over-stage or over-saturated stock photography.
  7. Do not introduce patterns treatments into photography.
  8. Do not introduce stylized typographyinto photography.
  9. Do not use unrealistic lighting or filters.


Photography 5

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