Our brand font, Dazzed, is a sans-serif typeface with narrow proportions that allows dramatic and quirky moments to meet with technical shapes and sharp terminals.

We use Dazzed Regular for headlines and body copy, and Dazzed Bold for subheads.



Typography 1


System Typeface

Our system font is Arial. We follow a similar hierarchy as we would with Dazzed, using regular for headlines and body copy, and Black for subheads.


Typography 2


Type Heirarchy

Dazzed Regular is used for headlines, in sentence case.

Dazzed Bold is used for subheads, and Dazzed regular is used for body copy.


Typography 3


Type Principles

To keep our type clean and modern, and to enhance legibility, we follow a few simple alignment rules outlined here.


Typography 4


Type Grid

Our typography system is simple and flexible, and will fit most grids. That being said, there are some rules to follow when laying out typography.

The left shows an example grid system. We recommend 6x6 grids, as they are extremely flexible for laying out columns.

Because of Dazzed’s quirky characteristics, we recommend slightly more leading than usual to give copy room to breathe. For example, instead of a standard 10pt/12pt, we recommend 10pt/14pt for body copy.


Typography 5


Type Misuse

  1. Do not set all body copy in bold type.
  2. Do not create headings with insufficient contrast to the body copy.
  3. Do not set copy in small caps.
  4. Do not apply extra letter spacing (tracking).
  5. Do not apply more than the recommended amount of leading.
  6. Do not set copy in all-caps.


Typogrpahy 6

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