Placing imagery within a design can be a challenging task. Budget, subject and image quality are just some of the aspects that need to be considered when choosing the right image(s) for a specific need.

At Bethesda, we enhance the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities – it is our mission. It is important to tastefully illustrate this when we visually portray our brand.

We enhance is an action. Our goal is to portray our people with the people we serve. This interaction implies that we are there when needed and our quality relationships are very important to our success and our brand.

When looking for or shooting imagery, strive to find or create imagery that simply reflects a positive attitude or experience. The breadth of people we serve is diverse, colorful and real. Sometimes images may be staged and other times they may be candid. Consider crop, camera angle, composition and interesting lighting to create visual interest. Look for bright images that complement our color palette.


Image of Bethesda Design Standards Design System Elements Imagery

The many examples shown illustrate key attributes and characteristics for choosing stock imagery or shooting your own photos.

This guide is meant to help align all imagery, which includes primary imagery and support imagery. Primary imagery is placed at focal points, such as brochure covers, ads, billboards, etc. Ideally, there is only one primary image per piece. Support imagery is used on the inside of brochures, publications, secondary Web pages, backsides of flyers, etc. By aligning imagery with our message, we will establish a unique and memorable impression.

In some case it is necessary for Bethesda to display images of people with disabilities in darker, less positive environments. This image use is intended to evoke an immediate reaction to volunteers and donors. We are trying to say, "We need your help".

If the photographs you are shooting contain people, photo releases will be necessary. Contact the Bethesda Marketing Department for the necessary steps. When using stock imagery, make sure that all legal copyright/use requirements are followed.


Image of Bethesda Design Standards Design System Elements Imagery

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