Logo Formats

Four logo formats are available which will provide the flexibility needed to properly place our logo into any given space. No other formats may be created. The preferred format should be used whenever possible. In extreme situations, where horizontal space is restricted, the alternative vertical logo format may be used.

Our symbol may be used alone, but in limited situations. Examples of these situations might include embroidery, lapel pins, social media profile images, lanyards, signage or awards. Approval must be given by the Marketing Department when using our symbol alone.


Image of Bethesda Design Standards Logo Guidelines for Logo Formats

Entity Format

While we operate under the brand name of Bethesda, we also promote specific entities in our logo to help communicate our diverse offerings.

Shown here are the construction guidelines for entity logos.

Entity logos are created in the preferred format ONLY. In extreme cases long entity names may be broken into two lines, to accommodate a vertical space better. Entity logos DO NOT exist in the optional vertical format.

Never create your own logos. Only approved entities may get their own logo and files must be obtained from the Marketing Department.

Image of Bethesda Design Standards Logo Guidelines for Entity Logo Formats

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