The AbleLight monogram expresses the personality of our brand. It is an important element from our toolkit that will help to establish brand recognition and presence. Our monogram should not be altered or modified in any way.






Monogram Versions

Our monogram has been created in multiple colorways to ensure it can be read in all print and digital environments.

When possible, always use either the positive or reversed color monogram.


Monogram 2


Monogram Misuse

  1. Do not modify the monogram
  2. Do not use monogram close to any type so that it resembles logo
  3. Do not distort the monogram
  4. Do not use color monogram on a clashing background color
  5. Do not apply effects to the monogram
  6. Do not use other colors in the monogram
  7. Do not fill in the negative shape of monogram
  8. Do not outline the monogram
  9. Do not put monogram in a holding shape (except as a social media icon)

Monogram 3

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