Our Logo

The AbleLight logo is the cornerstone of our brand. It is an important element from our toolkit that will help to establish brand recognition and presence. Our logo should not be altered or modified in any way.


OurLogo 1


Logo Versions

Our logo has been created in multiple colorways to ensure it can be read in all print and digital environments. It comes in both Horizontal and Vertical orientation.

When possible, always use either the positive or reversed color logo.


OurLogo 2


Logo Clear Space and Minimum Size

To ensure legibility at all scales, our logo has minimum clear space requirements to ensure it can be read across all print and digital communications.

Use the height of the ‘A’ as the measurement for clear space. This space should be equal on all four sides of the logo. The same rule applies to all AbleLight logos, lockups and monograms.

 OurLogo 3


Logo Placement

No matter the size of the communication, our logo is designed to be flexible and live without the constraints of a singular placement option. That being said, the options shown to the right will help to keep a simple consistency and prevent problem-solving across our communications.

Preferred Placement Options 

  1. Top left corner
  2. Bottom left corner
  3. Top right corner
  4. Bottom right corner
  5. Centred
  6. Center (Limited Placement Option)


OurLogo 4

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