Pattern and Texture

Patterns and textures are important elements of a design system. A few example patterns have been developed for the Bethesda design system. These patterns are unique to Bethesda, and will provide the flexibility to create interesting layouts when photography may not be available, or when the amount of color is limited by printing capabilities. They have been developed using the Bethesda Wave. It is strongly recommended that more patterns and textures be developed as the design system grows and evolves. These patterns may be used on brochure covers, in PowerPoint backgrounds, in newspaper ads, vehicle graphics, etc. They also provide a security feature for checks and the interior of envelopes. And for maximum brand impact these patterns may be applied to cloth or carpet for interior design applications. Over time they can become a recognizable element of the Bethesda design system.

We define patterns as elements that repeat. We define textures as photographs or illustrations that may serve as a background.


Image of Bethesda Design Standards Design System Elements Pattern and Texture

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