To further enhance brand recognition and the overall appearance of our applications, a graphic device referred to as the “Bethesda Wave,” has been developed. This graphic device is derived from our logo. It abstractly represents water, life's journey and the concept of striving forward. The curvilinear form also provides a sense of grace, elegance, and motion illustrating the dynamic energy and interaction that occurs between our employees and the people we serve.

The Bethesda Wave may be expressed in a variety of treatments, from a solid shape to a line, an image window to a repeatable pattern. It can be cropped, see crop instructions. The Bethesda Wave should not be re-drawn, but may be scaled providing flexibility to fit into any space.

A single wave element should be used on any one viewable surface.

It is not mandatory that the Bethesda Wave appear on every application, but its consistent use will help visually unify all Bethesda touchpoints. It is recommended that the wave element be used whenever possible.


Image of Bethesda Design Standards Design System Elements Shape

Shape Examples

Shown here is the acceptable amount of crop on the Bethesda Wave. The up and down quality of the wave is what gives it its character. If the wave is cropped too much, the up and down quality is lost. So, no more than 70% of the Bethesda Wave may be cropped. This is the minimum amount need to retain is character.

Styling and applying the Bethesda Wave in an acceptable manner is vital to our cohesive look and feel. Shown here are a few acceptable and unacceptable treatments. These examples apply to marketing materials, ads, literature, exhibit graphics, website and other applications where there is a cover or a focal point. The Bethesda Wave may be used in a more minimal way on business tools and in the interiors of brochures and publications. Designers are encouraged to explore a range of possibilities.


Image of Bethesda Design Standards Design System Elements Shape Examples

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