Grid and structure go hand in hand.

For the sake of consistency, the Bethesda logo should be placed in the upper or lower left on most all marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, newsletters, publications, postcards, etc. This common placement and staging of the logo will breed familiarity and it provides efficiencies in managing our look and feel.

Logo Staging Guidelines

  1. Logo placement is either top left, or bottom left.
  2. When the logo is placed over an image, there MUST be adequate contrast between image and logo. The positive and reverse logo options may be used. See contrast guidelines.
  3. When the logo is placed over a color that is NOT white or blue, then a staging bar, as illustrated here MUST be behind the logo. The staging bar MUST be blue or white. The staging bar can be used over photography as well if contrast is an issue.


Image of Bethesda Design Standards Design System Elements Structure